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Vigorously Backtested

Proven to beat the market

Live inception since Sep'2020

Nobody wants average results. We developed to help you stay on top of your investments and to speed up your financial goals.


The system focuses on the US index: S&P500 and is designed to exceed the returns of the index. The stock market and indices has  been bullish since inception. Though there are downturns, the market always recovers. With a medium to long term outlook, is designed to identify “value points” while exiting when the price is optimal or severely overbought to maximize profits. has been vigorously back-tested and is able to endure and withstand the worst of the bear market.


Backed by proven back test results for more than 15 years, the system is able to withstand the financial crisis of 2008 and the recent crash of the pandemic (COVID-19) in 2020. Overcoming market downturns with outstanding results. (Download: Backtest report - 5 years)


The system has also been implemented on live market since September 2020. (Link to verification)

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Copy Trading

  • Recommended Trading Account: at least $7,500 USD

  • Recommended Leverage: at least 1:100

  • No Virtual Private Server (VPS) needed

  • $39 USD / month

  • Broker specific: only for Blueberry Markets

  • Recommended Trading Account: at least $20,000 USD

  • Recommended Leverage: at least 1:100

  • No Virtual Private Server (VPS) needed

  • $84 USD / month (inclusive of Signal Start's platform fee)

  • No broker restriction

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Expert Advisor

  • Cost: minimum $2,000 USD (Minimum optimization of $20,000 USD)

  • One time upfront fee. (No hidden charges)

  • Recommended Leverage: at least 1:100

  • Optimized according to your Risk Tolerance

  • Receive within 5 Days

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Annualized Total Return Explained 

(The Power of Compounding)

The Annualized total return is the average rate of growth of your investment earned each year over a specific period. It provides a guidance of the investment’s performance and captures the effect of compounding.

Compounding returns is based on total invested sum, not initial investment. Meaning the previous year’s returns has an important role in exponentiating profits for you in the following years which brings about the well - loved phrase: “Making money work for you.”

The graph above illustrates how can achieve your financial goal quicker by MORE THAN 50% by comparing the duration needed for the (20% annualized) vs. the traditional SP500 index (10% annualized) to attain $100,000 with an initial $10,000 investment.


Common misconception among young professionals on attaining financial freedom is that you would need to put in a huge amount of money to earn a considerable amount of return, but this is clearly not true. WHEN you start investing outweighs how much you invest. Delayed gratification is known by everyone but hardly adhere to.

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What is S&P 500 ?

The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index (S&P500) index includes five hundred of the largest, globally diversified US companies across different industries. The companies in the S&P500 are regarded as the best representation of the US stock market as a whole and the committee will not hesitate to replace companies if they are not optimal or performing well. (Link to article)

The wide coverage of industries provides diversification making it a relatively low-risk way to invest in the US market. Despite the market experiencing volatile years, it has always managed to recover from downturns, corrections, and crashes while generating long-term positive returns (8% to 10% annualized).

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No more Human Errors

Human errors can present itself quite frequently in trading. In high-stakes decisions within complex, large, noisy, high-pressured, and technologically advanced environments, it is common for traders to make errors especially in position sizing and risk management. & Copytrading has already factored in all the contract specifications of different brokers to ensure you place the appropriate position size for your trade and proper risk management.

No more testing of Different Strategies

Benefits of

Algorithmic and

Copy Trading has been extensively back tested and has been able to consistently beat the market WHILE trading in the same exact market. Reach your financial goal earlier with only half the amount of time required if you were to invest in the S&P500 with little to no work / trading on your end. 

No more Emotional Trading

Humans are driven by emotions. It is one of the key factors in determining a trader’s success but it requires years of painful experience and practice (both emotionally and monetary) to overcome human’s innate reaction. Underestimating risk and entering / exit positions based on greed and fear are the pitfalls a trader and investor. Algorithmic trading is able to take the emotions out of trading, entering positions with strict and high quality requirements that were set in place.

No more Missing out on Opportunity

Algorithmic trading is able to constantly scan the market (24/5) for trading opportunities whereas it is IMPOSSIBLE for you and other traders to operate without rest. “Health is wealth”, going about your daily life without a high quality amount of sleep can be detrimental to your body. Lay your financial worries to rest as helps you achieve your financial goal while you focus on your everyday life.

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