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Lucrithm is a proprietary trading firm headquartered in Singapore, striving to consistently outperform the market. Led by a team of experienced traders with extensive knowledge in a wide range of markets, including but not limited to: Forex, Equities, Indices, Commodities.

As the world's technology and capabilities advance and improve, our team has managed to combine new technologies with our trading expertise and develop innovative and effective algorithmic tools through objective rules to complement and improve trading results which exponentiate the return of investments.

Our Story

Lucrithm was established to spread disruption in the industry of investing. Our wide and extensive knowledge empowered us to step in. Our mission is simple: To leverage on our expertise and strategies to achieve higher Returns of Investment (ROI) with little to no work for our clients.

Trading and investing involve skills which have steep learning curve, moreover, traders would need to scour, research and develop a successful trading strategy while practice responsible risk management and maintain a composed and rationale trader’s psychology, all which could take years to master.

Lucrithm is proud to announce to have successfully simplify trading and investing through algorithmic trading while achieving an even higher profitability. Making “smart-money” simple and accessible to our clients through codes.


We do not take your investment decisions lightly. This will not be a transactional relationship but rather, a partnership built on trust. We seek to enhance our offers and provide insights to assist clients' decision-making while tailoring to their risk level.

Ease of access

We aim to be readily available when clients tap into our strengths by seeking our products as we continue to enhance our distribution channel and broaden our reach.


From our strong understanding of our clients, we strive to meet the needs and adapt to the shifting world around us by not only enhancing our products and services, but also come up with new innovative solutions.

Our Values

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